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Distress Safety Communication
Maritime satellite communication network are main part of the Global Maritime and Safety System (GMDSS), responsible for maritime distress and safety communication.

Application of BGAN in Emergency Protection and Interaction
BGAN is the only mobile satellite service providing both voice and broadband data globally through a single portable user terminal. Also, it is the first one in mobile communication service that can provide as high as 256kbps data transmission for a real-time video feed and video conference as required.

CTrack™ Marine
CTrackTM Marine integrates several systems including International Marine Satellite (INMARSAT) C/ Mini C communication system, Global Positioning System(GPS), Geographic Information System(GIS), Management Information System(MIS).

Rydex eNODE
Rydex NODE can automatically generate electronic document which are consistent with the ship information in the form defined by the United States Coast Guard

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