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Rydex eNODE

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Rydex NODE can automatically generate electronic document which are consistent with the ship information in the form defined by the United States Coast Guard( the information like ship name, shipping ton, position, speed, cargo, crew, passengers and so on). This document can be automatically sent to the United States Coast Guard by Rydex mail transmission system.


Ÿ   Establishment, open, edit, save and save as for the e NODE file by the system

Ÿ   Validation of e NODE file , prompting and positioning error for modification by the system

Ÿ   Automatic generation of satisfactory e NODE file by the system

Ÿ   To prevent incomplete and wrong input by the user, easy operation will be realized by filling in data with logic judgment of the system

Ÿ   Automatically and effectively sending e NODE file to Rydex mail Server of the ship by E-mail system instead of Rydex ship client sending by hand

Ÿ   E-mail parameter setting function

Ÿ   Operation menu and interface with two modes in Chinese and English.

Ÿ   Help function, prompt of important terms input

Ÿ   Simple operation, not high demand for hardware environment, suitable for general computers on ship

FleetBroadband: simultaneous voice, broadband data at speeds up to 432 kbps and streaming video up to 256 kbps.

Fleet77/55/33: Providing voice, fax, hign speed data(128kbps) of the ISDN and packet data service of MPDS, F77 GMDSS and the global maritime distress call function.

IsatPhone Pro: A new generation of global satellite handphone , by the Inmarsat fourth generation satellite network ,it achieve global coverage, and provide voice, SMS and low speed data ( 2.4kbps ) communication.


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