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Application of BGAN in Emergency Protection and Interaction

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BGAN is the only mobile satellite service providing both voice and broadband data globally through a single portable user terminal. Also, it is the first one in mobile communication service that can provide as high as 256kbps data transmission for a real-time video feed and video conference as required.
Inmarsat BGAN can realize the combination of voice, high-speed data as well as completely independent terrestrial network by supplying a small portable terminal for the Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Department. BGAN offers smooth communication in the first time the disaster happens regardless of damaged terrestrial network. Though people at the disaster scene such as firefighters, policeman and emergency personnel use different communication equipment, BGAN may make sure that they collaborate with each other.


• Mobile Headquarter with Broadband: E-mail, Internet, VPN, Telephone
Ÿ• The single first response, contact between mobile headquater and scene headquarter, including standard radio table and mobile telephone used by them
•Ÿ Fixed or mobile headquarter: provide for multiple users through WLAN
•Ÿ Scene observation by use of scene camera with independent position


• BGAN satellite service termination
•Ÿ BGAN voice mobile phone
•Ÿ Portable computer (MAC OR PC)
Ÿ• Hand-held camera
Ÿ• AC/DC adapter, battery, cables
Ÿ• Solution of interoperability between hardware and software base on IP

Simultaneous Voice and Broadband Data

Ÿ   Fast reconstruction of necessary communication in disaster area regardless of land infrastructure

Ÿ   Send status report more quickly in crisis condition.

Ÿ   Rescuers can command at the scene through real-time video


Ÿ   Continue to use in case of interruption of landline telephone, mobile phone and other communication methods

Ÿ   The network capacity can continue to shift to the use of high frequency area

Ÿ   Make sure bandwidth availability when other media enter into the disaster area

Ÿ   Strong and durable termination can withstand disaster environment

Easy to use 

Ÿ   Both installation and close are rapid and simple

Ÿ   Without specialized technical knowledge--realize communication with each member of the team

Highly portable

Ÿ   Travel between different disaster areas with a backpack containing other emergency equipment

Ÿ   Ideal tool for rapid deployment


Ÿ   BGAN supports ISDN and IP as well as many solutions based on IP and is compatible with the encryption machine of the United States Department of Defense

Ÿ   Vehicle-mounted version provides mobile communication connection and standard communication connection in small mobile command station

Competitive Price

Ÿ   Cost of termination and launch time greatly reduce compared with previous mobile satellite service

Ÿ   Available to more mobile teams and realize real-time communication in more locations

Global Coverage

Ÿ   BGAN service covers a large area including Europe, Aferica, the Middle East, Asia and North and South America

Ÿ   Only one termination can cater for remote voice and data communication





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