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Distress Safety Communication

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Maritime satellite communication network are main part of the Global Maritime and Safety System (GMDSS), responsible for maritime distress and safety communication.
As a connection land earth station, Beijing International Mobile Satellite Land Earth Station is interconnected with the Maritime Search &Rescue Center of China through leased line. All received distress and safety communication will be delivered to Maritime Search &Rescue Center, timely, accurately and completely.
Notice: It is necessary to set Beijing Land Earth Station (or MCN) as the default on the terminal if you want to enjoy safer and faster safety communication service.
Distress and safety communication has the highest priority and can seize satellite and terrestrial line resources in order to ensure the preferential use of line resources. Distress and safety communication is required function by Inmarsat B, C, F77 and free communication, so this function will not be affected by factors like service provisioning, billing and debt and so on.
Distress and safety communication include voice communication and message communication and distress telephone communication is for B, F77 while distress message receiving and sending function is for B, C.
Beijing International Mobile Satelllite Land Earth Station ensures that call completion rate will be up to 100% and forwarding distress message will be finished duly and accurately.

-Inmarsat B

-Inmarsat C

-Inmarsat Fleet77


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