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Video Over IP

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Maritime broadband terminals access the MCN IP conference network through external video coding and decoding equipment. Meanwhile, the headquarter of the company can access the MCN IP conference network through the land networks(via the Internet or dedicated cables). Therefore, the video connection is set up between the two. The video network provides simultaneous connection service for multi--group conferences, and each conference supports multi--user access.
1) High-quality video transmission performance: the video conference system locates in the Maritime Satellite Land Earth Station and the signals are processed as soon as they are landed, which reducing the network overhead and influence at the land side;
2) No need of separate user investment: the video conference platform adopts MCU-level video conference equipment and can be used by all users, therefore saves the cost to purchase and maintain high-level video equipment for users;
3) Supporting various video terminals: the video conference system adopts video transmission protocol and supports common video terminals, such as TANDBERG, Sony, Polycom and so on, to access;
4) 7 X 24 technical support: professional technicians provide 7 X 24 technical support for the video conference network.

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