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Mobile Packet Data Switch (MPDS) service, which realizes data switch through a shared 64k channel, is a unique function of the Inmarsat F terminals. Its greatest attribute is to charge by data traffic, which means it’s free when there is no data switch, therefore supports permanent online mode. MPDS is applicable to network transfers which are daily, non-urgent and involve small amount of data, such as e-mail, real-time message delivery and web surfing.

Terminals supporting the MPDS service include the whole series of Fleet and M4 terminals. Among them, the Fleet 55 and F77 have a 64 kbps shared bearer channel to transmit and receive. And F33 has a 28 kbps shared bearer channel for data transmission and a 64 kbps one for data receiving.

Note: the shared bearer structure refers that you and other users simultaneously share the channel and the connection speed is variable.
-Inmarsat Fleet33/55/77


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