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Level-1 Call

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• Guaranteed communications
Secure, reliable, and high-quality communication support services are provided. Calls to any fixed phones or mobile phones are available without the necessity to activate International Direct Dialing services;
• Low call charge
The call charge is low: 0.90Unit/30 seconds, with a step of 30 seconds. There is no charge when not connected. The pre-pay pattern effectively controls the cost.
• Easy operations
Dial the bound number, users can directly get connected to the corresponding domestic card of the maritime satellite mobile phone.
• Black and white lists
Black and white list are available aiming at every calling number. The system automatically limits the calls from the numbers on the lists.
• Easy management
A web integrated management platform is provided. Aiming at card numbers, MCN has set up a three-level affiliation relationship to manage the cards level by level. Users can check balance, bind calling number, check call records and recharge with chargeable cards by themselves through the platform after the authentication.
• Convenient recharging
Users can buy rechargeable cards and recharge their accounts through indicating voice or web integrated management platform at any time. If necessary MCN can set advanced threshold value for VIP users and activate the direct recharge service for them. Within the threshold value, users can recharge their number accounts directly as their own requirement.
Crew family members,shipping freight agents and companies
Maritime satellite IsatPhone Pro is a new generation global satellite mobile telephone. Achieving global coverage and providing voice, short message and low speed data (2.4kbps) communication services via Inmarsat the fourth generation satellite network.


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