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SMS Crewmail

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• Fixed personal crew accounts
The personal e-mail accounts can be used on any ships. Even when on the shore, the crew can get the mail via the web or configure the messages to be sent to another mail address.
• Completely confidential personal communications
The service completely protects the privacy of the crew. The contents of the e-mails and SMS are not available to the captain and the company.
• Perfectly applicable to Rydex
The system runs on the Rydex ship-to-shore information exchange platform, having no effect on conventional Rydex communications, and transmits e-mails along with the Rydex communications.
• Controllable communication costs
In this service, it can be set only to be allowed to send text mails and SMS, and the size and number of mails sent every day can also be configured aiming at s particular user so that the communication costs can be manageable.
• Available to communicate with cellphones through text messages
Each crew account is an independent SMS number, able to communicate with the cellphones on the shore through SMS. The service supports the communication of Chinese SMS, which is charged 0.1 RMB for each, with any cellphone of China Telecom, Unicom and Mobile.
• Daily news and message broadcast
The news content supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Russian and so on, and it can be customized to satisfy the user’s need to control the
-Inmarsat Fleet
-Inmarsat FleetBroadband
-Inmarsat IsatPhone


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