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Rydex is one of the several currently used optimized ship communication software. It has the following main features:
• The program is easy to install, with supportive documentation, and able to identify the connected maritime satellite terminal during the process of installation;
• It supports all the ship terminals provided by all manufacturers, including Inmarsat-B/M/Minim/F/BGAN/FB;
• It’s compatible with main mail clients that adopt SMTP/POP3 protocols, such as Microsoft outlook and Foxmail, and is convenient and easy to use;
• The software supports the sending and receiving of Chinese data. Efficient data compression is executed before a mail interaction. Its full-duplex data transmission supports resume broken transfer, which saves communication costs;
• It can be used not only on a single PC, but also in a LAN of a ship, easily accomplishing independent mail sending and receiving and unified management of all computers in the LAN on a ship;
• AME, automatical mail exchange, provides ship-shore information management with efficient and full-automatic data communication interfaces;
• BBS is the bulletin broadcast sent by the administrator on the shore to the ship. The ship can selectively retrieve weather, news, charts and other data files;
• It provides a web management platform on the shore. Companies on the shore can effectively control the sending and receiving of ship mails;
• It has a close connection with the MPDS function of F terminals. According to the data flow, the communication fee is counted and Rydex selects a better way from the two different communication methods: MDPS and ISDN 64K;
• Shore to ship mails are filtered through the mail gateway. Users on ship can delete or selectively receive some mails to effectively avoid viruses and spams;
• The size filtering and backup mail CC rule can be set in both directions. Mails from shore to ship can set white and black lists, which makes it easy to manage and archive.
• It provides ship emergency mail inform to ship C terminals and reminders for receiving important messages on time;
• In addition to mail functions, Rydex also has the function to send the pictures and texts in an e-mail to a fax on the shore;
• It provides global short code access, dual-system backup on the server side and 24-hour customer support.
-Inmarsat B
-Inmarsat M
-Inmarsat Mini-m
-Inmarsat Fleet
-Inmarsat Bgan
-Inmarsat FleetBroadband


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