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Powerful in performance: the Cmail plus system provides powerful communication and management functions, including the inquiry of ship positions, message or EGC, the query and browsing of transceiver records, the information view of ship positions, the ship management information, user management of the company, settings of the user information, message sending and receiving and message alerts, communication cost query and so on. Users can also use software like outlook to communicate.

Secure and reliable: the Cmail plus system is connected to the C system directly, which provides users with dedicated mailbox for free. The inland users can log on the mailboxes to send messages to the ship directly, while the ship can also send messages to this mailbox directly, which improves reliability greatly.

Instantaneous and effective: the system will inform the user that if the delivery of the message is successful or not by sending the user a receipt and a SMS alert.

Economical: the service charges in an economical fee standard, helping companies reduce their cost in communication.

Convenient: users can realize the communication between ships and the terrestrial network without making any change to their original habits in using the e-mail. The users on the shore can send messages to ship C terminals through an e-mail or the webpage. And the users on ships can send messages to a dedicated mailbox assigned by the system to be extracted by the user, or send directly to the Internet mailbox of the users.

Supportive in Chinese transmission: the service accomplishes the conversion between the Chinese characters and the Chinese telegraph code. Users on the shore can input Chinese characters directly, then the system will convert it into telegraph code automatically and then send it to the ship. At the same time, the system can convert the telegraph code from the ship into Chinese characters, and then send it the mailbox
• shipping companies that communicate through the ship C terminals
• the staff who send and receive e-mails mainly using Chinese
• ship agent companies
• freight agent companies
• meteorological department
• national search and rescue department
• the family members of the crew
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