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Fleet Broadband

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  FleetBroadband is so far the most advanced communications products, to provide cost-effective broadband data and voice simultaneously through a compact antenna on a global level. As long as you have the FleetBroadband on broad, you can connect anyone, anywhere.  

  FleetBroadband firstly realizes the broadband communication technology of personalized, and brings ship communications into a new era of IP data service. Based on the 3 g standard, FB can provide broadband data and voice online functions at the same time. One terminal can meet the demand of a variety of information and communication, such as a phone call, sending and receiving text messages, voice mail, file transfer, fax, video meeting.

  Based on 3G standards, FleetBroadband provides seamless broadband connection. You can access email, surf the web and run operational systems remotely at the same time as making phone calls.

Key features

• Standard IP: up to 432 kbps over a shared channel, for email, Internet & intranet access and remote maintenance.
• Streaming IP: guaranteed on-demand data rates of up to 256 kbps for live video/audio applications and 8kbps and 16Kbps for voice over IP (VoIP) applications.
• Voice: up to 9 simultaneous voice lines for bridge and crew communication.
• ISDN: supports ISDN at 64 kbps for legacy applications.
• SMS: send and receive 160 character text messages.
• Coverage: available globally, except in polar regions.

There are three types equipment Support the FleetBroadband service: FB150, FB250 and FB500.


FleetBroadband 150

FleetBroadband 250

FleetBroadband 500

Radom diameter

approx. 29 cm

approx. 32-35 cm

approx. 60 cm

Antenna type




Antenna weight

2.5-3.9 kg

3.9 - 7.4 kg

16 kg


4kbps AMBE+2

4kbps AMBE+2
3,1 KHz Audio

4kbps AMBE+2
3,1 KHz Audio

Standard IP

up to 150 kbps

up to 284 kbps

up to 432 kbps

Streaming IP


8, 16, 32,
64, 128 kbps

8, 16, 32, 64,
128, 256 kbps




64 kbps






Group 3 up to 14.4kbps

Group 3 up to 14.4kbps

Group 3 & Group 4 up to 64kbps

Innovative solutions for your needs

Rydex mail transfer system : to provide a safe, reliable ship-shore email transfer service.

Crewmail: to provide ship-to-shore mail, text service, safe, low-cost, More private.

870 card: to provide shore-to-ship voice services, security and low price.

Crewcard: to provide reliable, prepaid, low price of personal communications services for crews.



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