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Hosting service

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Why don't place the server in your own office?
Server and other equipment request Air conditioning environment, Standard facilities(e.g. 24-hour air conditioning system, UPS) and the Large and long-term investment for managing server and network. While the hosting service is the most cost effective solution, which performance, security and reliability are able to achieve the highest level.
By virtue of the existing platform of MCN, user don’t have to Spend a huge sum of money on Leasing line, neither have to High-paying hire professional programmers and systems administrators, that save the Manpower and material resources.
Hosting Service is based on the existing Inmarsat platform, which provide users with unique value added solutions. Besides, We also provide professional services hosting services, your server and equipment can be hosted to machine room, to make the sys operate safety, stably and efficiently. The server maintained by customers themselves, or by other authorized person for remote maintenance, Therefore it has the following advantages:
Low cost
Reduce the operating costs
High reliability
7 * 24 hours a day, 365 days service
Professional and technical support
Stabilization of the network
More safety
Optical fiber directly connected the three major service provider (China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile), Redundancy backup each other, to guarantee the stability of the network and recommend suite
Routing flexibility
Start the service quickly
service standard
1、 support for equipment and line, assist customer to install equipment and cloth network.
2、 Provide network, operation, data
3、 Professional technical engineers 7 x24x365 responsive site service
4、 Professional technical engineer 7 x24x365 infinitely fast restart the service
5、 Disaster recovery, Firewall Service, Stastic IP
6、 Assist in dealing with remote desktop connection, NIC, Firewall Settings, network connection etc.
7、 Help to check hardware

We offer following services 7*24:
1、 Room maintenance
2、 Server monitor and alarm
3、 Network maintenance
4、 Safety monitor
5、 Free installation system and application software
6、 Customer services

1、 Infrastructure
Up to magnitude 8 earthquake resistant level of Machine room, Floor load of 800 kg/square meters; More than one air conditioner ensure that ventilation, temperature, and humidity; insulation floor, temperature of smoke induction of fire protection system.

2、 High quality network environment
Two lines of three phase circuit backup each other; Dual redundant high power intelligent UPS system ensure continuous power supply; Diesel generator set backup power supply. In the case of mains supply disruptions, UPS started immediately, to ensure more than 99.99% of the power supply rate.
Air conditioning system ensure that ventilation, temperature, and humidity; temperature keep 18±2 degrees, Humidity is between 40% and 60%, to ensure the equipment work well.

3、 Technical support team
MCN is dedicated to providing our customers with professional, timely and seamless support
Our Customer Care can help you 24x7 with any services, terminals and solutions.

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