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Agent settlement

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  An Accounting Authority (AA) is an entity nominated by ITU for the purpose of administering the billing and settlement of the communication charges incurred by the MES after it has been successfully registered. It acts as an intermediary between the MES owner/operating company and the LES(s) which supply communication services to the MES. It is mandatory that all international maritime radio traffic charges for radio communications from ship to shore, both terrestrial and satellite, shall be settled by the approved Accounting Authority which has the legal contract with the owner of the vessel.
  AA can first do a check of bills, consolidate all the charges from the LESs (and in some instances adds its own charge for administration), and submit a single bill with single currency to the MES owner for settlement.
  Billing and Settlement Department is an entity nominated by Chinese Government, recognized by ITU(International Telecommunication Union) , established in 1986. It is the only legal international Accounting Authority in CHINA. Our Accounting Authority Identification Code (AAIC) is CN03.
CN03 is authorized to register vessels that fly the flags of the following countries and regions:
( List is continuously expanding; Please contact us for latest flag list)

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Application process:
1、Submit application files
2、Sign the settlement agreement
3、Pay related fees
4、Get AA confirmation

Application files including:
1、 Company details like company name、address、contactor
2、 VESSEL details like Vessel name、IMN、call sign、IMO
3、 The date when you want to Sign the agreement.(If you already have an AA, the end date of your last agreement also should be known)
You can download the related application form in our website.


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