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Swift Broadband

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Meet global safety of navigation and entertainment communications service

Beijing Marine Communication and Navigation company provide” Maritime satellite Airlines Swift Broadband”, Meet the crew and passengers in the range of telephone, fax, browse the web, send and receive data, video transmission requirements . Bandwidth up to 432 KBPS, meanwhile it also can provide high quality voice channel, Meet the plane and land network business calls and text messages.

Swift Broadband could support the aircrew and Passengers application

the aircrew application:

•Safety service--- Automatic monitoring,Data communication between air traffic controllers and pilots


•Electronic flight data packets、The flight plan、The weather and chart update

•Mechanical performance monitoring and Major system error report

•Operation plan

•aircrew reporting and overall management

Passengers application:

•Telephone Services: phone, mobile-phone, VOIP and text message

•Email、Intranet、Real-time communication

•Secure VPN connection

•Large file transfer---PPT、ICON、VIDEO

•News updates


• Direct Dial Voice Service
•  Landline Quality Speech (4kbps)
•  To and from:

    Terrestrial networks
    Mobile networks
    SB to SB

•  Can be used simultaneously with data
•  Supports Supplementary value-added services:

    Caller ID, Call Hold, Call Waiting
    Call Forwarding, Call Barring

ISDN Services and 3.1Khz services

•SB ISDN capability is similar to existing Swift 64
•64bps UDI Service to terrestrial ISDN networks
•3.1kHz Audio Service
•SwiftBroadband will support one Circuit Switched Service

Two SwiftBroadband IP Service Types

•Standard IP(Charged by Volume)
•Streaming IP(Charged by Time)

Standard IP Data Service

•Data rates up to 432kbps
•High Speed internet access available globally
•Charged for data sent and received
•Performance enhanced by TCP PEP accelerator
•High demand triggers extra capacity allocation; dynamically assigned, real time

Streaming IP
•Schedule of reserved capacity
•Fixed rates - 32, 64, 128 Kbps
•Your own ‘pipe’; not shared; no contention
•Aimed at UDP applications - Video and Audio applications – Quicktime, WinMedia VoIP
•Robustly tested

SwiftBroadband Features:

•Voice: high Quality & Simultaneously useable with Data
• ISDN & 3.1 KHz: 64 kbps (Time Charged)
• Packet Data: 3G – Best Effort up to ~ 432 kbps (Volume Charged)
•Streaming IP: Guaranteed IP services of 32, 64, 128 (Time Charged)
• Fax: G3/G4 fax on 3.1 KHz + E-fax etc
•SMS: Yes

Maritime satellite aviation series equipment is divided into the characteristics of host, aviation antenna and router, Antenna fixed on the top of the plane, Can be used to ensure aircraft in flight, To call at any time and network communication.


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