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Sea products
Whatever your business, we have a solution for your communications requirements at sea. Based on over 20 years’ experience, our extensive and versatile portfolio will simplify day-to-day business operations

Land products
Beijing Marine communication &navigation company delivers instant voice and high-speed data services across five continents. We help professionals work and stay in touch with all the conveniences of a mobile office in isolated areas with limited or no access to terrestrial networks.

Air products
Beijing Marine Communication and Navigation company provide” Maritime satellite Airlines Swift Broadband”, which enable the crew and passengers to maintain complete control of their business and routine operations while in flight or on the ground.

Hosting service

Hosting Service is based on the existing Inmarsat platform, which provide users with unique value added solutions. Besides, We also provide professional server hosting services...

Agent settlement

CN03 is authorized to register vessels that fly the flags of the following countries and regions:

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