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Shipping industry
Advanced communications solutions to operate your vessel efficiently, enhance overall business operations and ensure crew morale and loyalty.

Reliable voice and email communications for safety at sea, while allowing your fishing fleets to stay in touch with other boats...

Yacht industry
Voice, email, Internet access and fax communications keep yacht owners and passengers in constant contact with business partners, family and friends.

Government and defense
Secure, reliable and assured communications allowing troops and personnel to respond quickly in the field while maintaining constant contact with the command center.

Non-governmental organization
Voice and broadband access for NGO workers setting up emergency telecoms centers and collecting data from the field.

Real-time voice & data communications enabling journalists to report the news and deliver live broadcasts from anywhere in the world.

Crude oil and mining
Satellite communications to keep your business-critical connections up and running, increase workers’ safety, enhance on-site efficiency and help you to reduce time.

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